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About Media Aperture

Our media buying philosophy is stated in our name, "Media Aperture". Media Aperture is "that moment in time when a consumer is most susceptible to receiving the message." And that is our mission at Media Aperture - to provide the most strategically placed, cost-effective media buys for our clients so as to maximize reach and frequency with every media dollar spent. The agency was founded in October 2004. Patty Hoffman and Stephen Smith, the founders of Media Aperture, have worked together in the media industry for over 15 years. Independently, they have worked as media buyers, media supervisors and media directors for some of the most prestigious media buying companies - both national and local - Western International Media, Initiative Media, KSL Media, RNF Media, Mering & Associates, Glass/McClure Inc., to name a few. Media Aperture represents over 50 years of local, regional and national media buying and planning experience in all forms of media - television, radio, outdoor, print and internet. Besides having the most experienced and well-respected media experts in Northern California on our staff, we invest thousands of dollars annually into media and marketing research, which sets us apart from our competitors. With the combination of experience, our relationship with the media and the research tools, we are able to design and implement the most targeted media buys for our clients.


Patty Hoffman, Partner/Media Aperture

Occasionally, we have to remind Patty that "she's not in Kansas anymore." Patty Hoffman is Kansas City born and bred, graduating with a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kansas. She began her media career with Bernstein/Rein in Kansas City working on the McDonald's Restaurants account.

Patty has over 25 years experience in the advertising/marketing field - working on both the client and the agency side. She was client services manager at Initiative Media for eight years, working on the Northern California Chevy Dealers Group, Eldorado Hotel/Casino, E*TRADE and various other accounts. Prior to that, she was Media Director at Mering & Associates/Sacramento and Schenkein Inc./Denver. Patty's experience includes media negotiations on the local, regional and national levels; client services and new business acquisition.

When Patty starts talking about the three things she is most passionate about - her husband, Larry, media, and golf - that "Kansas twang" tends to creep back into her voice.


Stephen Smith, Partner/Media Aperture

"Mr. Hollywood" is what we fondly call Stephen Smith. He grew up amongst the stars in Los Angeles and is now a "star" himself when it comes to media.

Stephen has 20-plus years of experience, including stints at Martin & Benedict/Santa Monica; RNF Media/Beverly Hills; and Initiative Media, both Burbank and Sacramento. At Initiative, he worked on the Disney lot, buying 20 spot markets for the Disney movie releases for 2-1/2 years before transferring to Sacramento to eventually become the Broadcast Director, where he managed the negotiation, placement and stewardship of over $20 million annually.

Besides the movie industry, Stephen has worked on fast food, travel, gaming, healthcare, financial and automotive accounts.

When Stephen leaves his "media management" role, he enjoys working out, classic movies and gardening. Lately, he is testing out his culinary skills too.