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Media Aperture

Media Buying, Media Planning, Advertising

Media Aperture Only Does Media

Today, creativity in media implementation is as important as creativity in producing ads and commercials. Media Aperture is a Media Buying Service focusing on the strategic planning and negotiating of media. We are, and always have been, media specialists. Since we do not make money on producing ads or writing press releases, we are able to be fully objective in our recommendations. Being a totally independent company not associated with a full service agency, our goal is to always deliver a superior, measurable result exceeding our clients' communication investments.

Media Aperture will work with you throughout the entire media planning and buying process. We will:

  • Review past marketing strategies
  • Identify and prioritize marketing objectives
  • Define your target audience and markets
  • Propose a media mix based on thorough research
  • Place and monitor your schedules
  • Traffic your creative materials

Our goal is to design a course of action that will maximize your exposure and thereby, your profits.


Media Aperture Provides Service "Above and Beyond"

Contact any of our clients and they will tell you "their business is our priority". We understand the need to react to market conditions and make changes as quickly as possible. We take all phone calls and deliver on all promises. At Media Aperture, you will be working with principals of the agency who understand the importance of the clients' needs to our business.

We deliver all buys in a timely fashion. Media Aperture thoroughly documents all plans and buys with media flowcharts and detailed buy sheets. Media flowcharts are a one page document that gives the client the "big picture" for all their media plans. It details all pertinent information for the plan - markets the client is advertising in, target demographics, media used, media weight laid out weekly and budgets monthly. Media Aperture uses the Strata Media Management software to analyze, build and track our media buys with maximum efficiency. Once a buy has been completed, we provide the client with a detailed buy sheet which shows details of buy by market- stations used, weeks, days, programs/dayparts that ads will appear in, number of spots, ratings data, cost and reach/frequency.

Media Aperture tracks the effectiveness of our work with the industry standard post buy analysis report which shows details of media purchased compared to details of media actually received. Any deficiencies are noted and make good spots are scheduled.